Kuukauden videoteos: Zeus Tears (2015-16) 1.11.2016-30.11.2016

Linda Persson:

Zeus Tears, 2015-16
pituus: 7:55min

Linda Persson’s practice is often using ideas around alchemy, magic and science as a performative action, putting superstition and capitalism alongside each other to question the technological progression often seen as ’human’ progression.

“Over the last 4 years I have occupied the role of the female explorer going to desolate landscapes, to questioning measured science and history of archive and knowledge production as we know it by putting the [female] body in motion. I recently went to the Australian desert and the opal mining industries to look at landscape / stones / before and after human interference. It’s a film that uses economic, colonial, ecological, gender concerns juxtaposing unlike images forming a sort of radicalism by using imagination as method.”



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